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Our brand concept

BBS International Trust Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing independent consulting agencies based on the wide range of client needs,
Provides strategic, tactical and financial advice。

Experienced and qualified teams can serve clients at all stages of the business with a variety of private needs
Provide comprehensive consulting services。

In 2011, BBS International Trust Co., Ltd. was established in Labuan Island, Malaysia, and obtained the business license
Is governed by the Labuan Companies Act (1990)。

BBS International Trust provides professional consulting services for participating international business companies,
To help them succeed in a changing market。

We are fortunate to be authorized by the Labuan Financial Services Authority, according to the permit,
Provides trust company services。

As Labuan Trust Company, we provide a wide range of professional services including company establishment,
Private fund setup, Office Registration, Family office services, trusts, trustees, Accounting services,
Office registration, acting director, secretarial services and other consulting services。

Our Mission

Provide the best financial consulting services to help entrepreneurs succeed。

Our Vision

Reinventing the onshore and Offshore Solution Experience for business decision makers

BBS Joint Venture

BBS International Trust Company Limited

  • The company registered
  • Secretarial services
  • Financial Permit Application
  • Real estate planning and asset protection through trust
  • Business succession planning
  • Tax planning consultation
  • Overseas Accounting Services

BBS Business Management Pte LTD

  • Onshore secretarial services
  • Onshore company registration
  • Tax planning consultation

BBS Business Management Pte LTD

BBS Enterprise Services Limited

  • Accounting services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Staff Recruitment Service
  • Labuan Service Office
  • Labuan Virtual Office
  • The administrative management